Dr. Steve Lee  Testimonials

Testimonials About Our Placentia | Diamond Bar Orthodontist

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our orthodontic services in Placentia, CA and Diamond Bar, CA. Read what our patients are saying about us below.

Just finished with braces. Dr. Lee and his staff were great during the whole process! Very friendly staff...and professional! Great communication....kept me updated on my treatment plan! So glad my dentist recommended Dr. Lee to me for my orthodontic work! I am going to miss seeing them!

- Stacy R. | Fullerton, CA

I am a patient of Dr. Steve Lee, and I could not be happier with his care and beautiful results. I am a dentist who has been practicing for over 23 years. After many years of not wearing my retainers, my teeth had shifted significantly. I went to my orthodontist and he said that in order to fix my crowding, tooth removal was necessary. I was not too happy about the potential of losing teeth at the age of 50. I was referred to Dr.Steve Lee by a fellow dentist.
After 2 years of treatment, I could not be happier with the final results. He gave me a wonderful smile without tooth extraction.
If you are looking for a top quality orthodontist, Dr.Steve Lee is the one to see. I highly recommend him.

- Joe L., DDS | Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Steve Lee simply delivers the most comprehensive, thorough, professional, and caring service. All three of my girls and myself have all been serviced by Dr. Lee and his professional staff. We ALL love the results and the process was pleasant. His staff is excellent! They really know what they are doing and I strongly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone who is thinking about getting their teeth straightened for a beautiful smile or for the longevity and health of your teeth. Thanks to Dr. Lee, we have the best of both worlds!!

- R. K. | Irvine, CA

I just got my braces about a month ago from Dr.Lee. My sister got braces from him as well several years ago. Our dentist had recommended us to go see Dr.Lee. I think Dr. Lee is probably the best orthodontist you can find in the area. The reason is simply because I think my sister's teeth turned out to be nearly perfect after getting braces from Dr.Lee. I'm not exaggerating but she gets compliments on her teeth wherever she goes. Also I can tell he truly cares for his patients and tries his best to make the prettiest teeth/smile for you. I can also tell that he really enjoys his work and finds joy in helping people become brighter. But most importantly, I think Dr.Lee is super smart and well-experienced in the field. He spotted my cavities that my dentist couldn't spot. He double made sure that all my teeth were healthy and clean when his job is really just to give me braces. I really recommend Dr. Steve Lee :-)

- Kelly C. | Rowland Heights, CA

I'd give him 10 stars if I could. My 2 daughters had unique tooth problems which required a high skilled professional treatment including oral surgery. I had several consultants by other orthodontists and they weren't confident or thought it was impossible to treat. However, Dr. Lee didn't have any doubt or hesitation to take my daughters. He even had prior experience dealing with similar cases as my daughters. He informed us very thoroughly of the risks and possibilities of outcomes.

One daughter was successfully fixed in 3.5 years with one oral surgery. But my other daughter had a special case that lasted almost 6 years including 5 oral surgeries. During that long period of time, my daughter and I just wanted to give up but Dr. Lee didn't want to waste the time and pain she had and gave us the hope to continue. He understood the pain and difficulty that my daughter had to experience and felt bad even though it wasn't his fault.

I was surprised that he was only concerned about the completion of my daughter's treatments and not about the pay he would gain.

My second daughter finally removed her braces and she is so happy that it was successfully completed.

- Sj S. | Cypress, CA

Thank you Dr. Lee for the Great care. You & your staff were wonderful. Thank you Gloria. For offering me a Great payment plan. Very professional staff. Will recommend to all My Friends. You guys are Awesome! My Son really enjoyed going to see the Dentist. Thank you again Dr. Steve Lee.

- Eva P. | Fullerton, CA

Dr. Lee was HIGHLY recommended by my friend, pediatrics dentist, when my first child needed braces to expand his palate. Then I took my second child when she needed one, too. After this first phase, both of my kids did their second phase (top and bottom) with Dr. Lee. Yes, sometimes the wait is little longer (any Dr.'s offices), but other times, the wait is very minimal. You should check out Dr. Lee's credential... It's very impressive! He is very professional, yet very personal in caring for his patients. And the staffs... they are very courteous! I love the way they decorate their office seasonally and how they have guessing candy jars... My first is done, my second one is almost done, and my third one will also be visiting Dr. Lee's office in several years (he also needs to start with palate expansion). I will also HIGHLY recommend him!!

- Joyce Y. | Hacienda Heights, CA